God is an asshole, your god, the Bible God, is a huge asshole … and you worship this guy.  That makes you an asshole, too.  If you are a Bible believer you might be offended by the word ‘asshole’, or associating that word with God.  But you are wrong, I am being very polite calling Yahweh-Jehovah an asshole when you consider what this entity has done to us and what your holy book says he’s going to do.  In fact the entire Bible is testimony that Yahweh is the biggest asshole in the whole Universe.

Dawkins could have just said that God is an asshole, but being the polite Brit he wrote it out more eloquently.  That’s not my style, I say God is an asshole.  Think these are tough words?  Have you actually read and comprehended what the Bible says about your God?  Apparently not, because if you did you wouldn’t worship him, you would despise him for the monster that he is.  But you praise this monster, and thus you are also the monster, for God and you are the same thing.

There is no “god” out there floating in space or on Mt. Olympus like humans thought a time ago, we have figured out that consciousness pervades the entire system and that your consciousness is tied into the Universe mainframe.  You and God Consciousness are one, you are simply one aspect of the bigger computer, your thoughts are instructions to the big computer in the sky, that which you call god.  What humans can hardly imagine that god and them are one in the same.  The whole bullshit Jewish mythology is about separating god from you, thus you can be a bad ass and get away with it.

Since god and you are the same, if I say ‘god’ is an asshole then am I not really saying you are the asshole?  Yes.  You are an asshole if you believe in the Bible god.  The proof that you are an asshole is how the vast majority of people do nothing about the genocide in Gaza.  What is going on there is pure evil, and those that believe in Yahweh, do not support the Palestinians but praise Israel instead, the demonic perpetrator of intolerable modern barbarity of genocide.  So, as you can deduce, the vast majority of believers must be assholes because all we have to do is look at the result of their beliefs.

Now if you have read my writings you know where I am taking this logic.  We create god in our image, we created an asshole god in our own asshole image.  So if there is really a god out there, that doesn’t really mean that god is an asshole, but our projection of god is what is mistaken.  But wait, if there is really a god, and he sees that ‘his’ people are mistaken about his identity, then why hasn’t he corrected his image?  Why would an aggressive all-powerful deity allow a false image to persist, where are his teachers?

God never sent messengers to correct his asshole image, so maybe god really is an asshole.  So the real god must be an asshole or there is no god, take your pick.  The logical minded person or scientist would choose the latter because they would realize that asshole humans simply projected their asshole behavior onto a deity.  We are simply projecting ourselves onto the god image – we created God in Our Image.  God has all human characteristics, jealous and proud of it, an unjust control freak, a malevolent bully.

All the attributes of Jehovah are exactly identical to the characteristics of the Jew supremacist.  Coincidence?  I think not.  The Jews wrote your holy book, and because you are an asshole you latched onto it and called it your own.  No one has ever forced anyone in the modern age to believe in the Great Jew Asshole in the Sky.  So why do we keep believing when doing so is so damn destructive?  Because we can be complete assholes with our barbaric behavior and claim we are following the commands of god.  God is the great invention of removing our own culpability.

God is all-powerful because we want an all-powerful deity looking out for us.  Then we can use that omnipotent meme to make grandiose claims, like god can smite our enemies.  Using god as the causal agent in war success or loss is a great way to remove individual responsibility from what we are doing, like killing other people than taking their shit.  We then claim we did it in the name of our god with a convenient meme justifying our behavior.   We rationalize our murderous actions with patriotism and god, saying things like “for God and country” or we did it for the “glory of the Lord”.

What we are really doing is murdering others and removing all guilt from our mind with the god meme.  This is why our invented god is such an asshole.  We wanted god to be an asshole so we could be assholes.  We slaughter whole nations, like Iraq, then sit around and rationalize our behavior asserting they deserved what they got from us.  If you actually study the details of what we have done, with our modern weapons on nearly defenseless peoples, you can see that Amerika, police state America run by Jews, is one big nation full of assholes.

There is no other way to sugar coat what has happened.  Asshole Americans have gone along with barbaric behavior when they no damn well that 911 was an inside job.  Think about the reality of 911, if 911 is an obvious false flag, treason to say the least, then why haven’t we hung the fucking politicians and Jews who did it?  There ought to be a rope shortage in Washington D.C.

Ahhhh…, but the talking heads on the Jewtube are running a continuous narrative telling us we are justified in fighting terror, why the President, that Predator in Chief, gives us his solemn word that we are helping rid the world of them evil Muslims militants who are beheading some journalists who shouldn’t be in hostile territory writing lies about the Jewish takeover of their country.

It’s all a big fallacious show run by total assholes, by political hacks paid for by greedy minded corporate dickheads who need to sell their expensive weapons, and always approved at the voting booth by a nation full of stupid flag waving god fearing assholes and listening to John Hagee and his Bloody Moon Asshole Theory of End Times.

Where is God one might ask?  Long gone from this sector of the Universe, why stick around when all you hear are the prayers from assholes begging you to assist the victory of Israel?  You all are emotionally dead because of what you believe, you killed the sacred with your holy book.  You killed god with your Bible.  Way to go assholes.


Chapter 1. Baptized Hellions



Baptism is a meme. What could be wrong with a simple water ritual?  How could such an innocent act of dunking your head and reading Bible verse be bad?  Shouldn’t we all read the Bible and get saved, preach it all across the land and unto the world?  How could Baptism be one of the most evil things you can do?


What is really going on with Baptism?  You get immersed in the water and become a Jew, saved from the wrath of the angry Jew father God who condemned you for being born into this world.  It is ritual evil because of what it really means, you are saved and those not baptized go straight to hell.  You are condemning everyone else with this act.

YARDENIT, ISRAEL - OCTOBER 04: Brazilian Evangelist Christians embrace in prayer during their mass baptism ceremony in the Jordan River on October 4, 2009 at Yardenit in northern Israel. Hundreds of worshippers from northern Brazil immersed themselves in the biblical river as part of their pilgrimage to the Holy Land. (Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images)

I want you to see Baptism in a new light, an act of Gentiles becoming Jews, taking on the evil memes that separate them from humanity, and their own humanity.  We are not Jews, Jews are evil and we should not want to be the real Jew, we should not read the Jew Bible or believe it’s memes or do ritual superstitious acts.

Becoming a Jew is not a good thing.  Separating yourself from the rest of humanity by claiming holy Jew status is why the world is at war.  Some people claiming special status make war on those not chosen or not saved.  A Christian being baptized is a Gentile doing a ritual act becoming a Jew – bonding to the evil Jew God meme and everything that fiction stands for.

In other words when a Christian goes through a baptism – it is a defiance against the rest of humanity.  You are saying in effect that you get eternal life while everyone else gets sent to hell, a place of eternal torment and torture. If you can see that such ritual acts lead to Zionist foreign policy, then you will see Baptism for what it is, a symbolic act of war on the rest of the world.


I want you to see these Bible verses for what they really are – pure Jewish evil.  No gentle person should be converted to the hell religion of the Jew, no Christian should get Baptized, no person should view themselves as going to heaven separate from the rest of humanity.  No sane person should go unto the world and preach the hell of the God Spell of the Jew.


There’s no afterlife hell, but there are conditions created by many people believing the same thing.  If we believe in hell we create hell, not in the afterlife, but here on earth.  What is the terrorist state of Amerika but a possessed nation of baptized hellions? Americans can not see they been indoctrinated to think like Jews, even the atheists in America think like the Jew.

And look at what Amerika is doing to the rest of the world with the total approval of millions of believing Christians.  So far Judeo-Christian Amerika has killed 55 million people since the end of WW2.  Zionist Occupied Government can only happen when a sizeable part of the population is spell-bound by the evil Jew book.  Christian baptism is part of the brainwashing, doing a ritual act that makes you one with the Jew God, binding you to the Jewish power structure, making you a cog in ZOG.


Chapter 2. The Meme of God



You’ve heard of the God Meme, what about the Meme of God?  There is a slight difference, if I reverse god and meme I get a reversal of that energy, and that will help break the spell of the Jew that has White man’s consciousness in lockdown.


‘The God Delusion’ declared by atheist Richard Dawkins implies there is no god, while the Meme of God says we are describing God with memes, but we haven’t got it quite right yet.  We have developed memes about God, a subtle yet important difference.

I am not a believer in the Bible God, but I do believe based on my personal experience, that we are dealing with something real in our consciousness.  My experiential knowledge about God is completely different from what I was taught.  The importance of this essay is to distinguish the two.


If we are describing God with memes, memes of God, and an energy part of ourselves, then that changes everything.  We initially assumed God was separate – an entity outside of ourselves.  But that can not be true based on the simple observation that separation of our consciousness from the god part is an illusion.


What you’ve been taught about God and what God actually is are two different things.  What we are taught about God is the Jew book is an exaggeration for the simple reason the Jew authors are bullshitters.  Check your assumptions about the authorship of the Holy Bible.  Who wrote it, are they trustworthy?


The mistake we are making is assuming that what is being claimed and what is are the same, they are not, but there is some overlap.  People who wish to control others have an agenda of power, and those that want power are willing to lie in order to get it.  Part of the lying is to claim grandiose attributes of God that are used as a fear tactic for the submission of your mind under the control of the ruling authority.


What is the primary claim about God?  God is omnipotent, an all-powerful being.  Is that claim true?  If millions of people pray for peace but there is no peace, what does that say about God’s power?  The claim doesn’t match reality, but that claim was made to establish the ruling authority that is all powerful.

If God was all powerful and in control as claimed, then why do we experience endless war and chaos?  The theist will try to skirt that issue and say all the chaos on earth is part of God’s plan.  That is nonsense, if everything is unfolding according to God’s will then we wouldn’t have any chaos at all, unless God was a crazy entity.

The actual reality is that no god is in control but governments are acting like an all powerful war god – forcing everyone to submit to the ruling authority that is established with the holy book.  Believers in the book are enlisted from their own need to control others.


So the next logical question is does God have any power at all?   Many people report miracles concerning their lives and attribute such phenomenon to outside source.  So it appears God has some part, but greatly diminished from the claim.  God may have some power to change things, but not the way the book describes.

The memes of God are used to describe aspect of ourselves that we do not fully understand, but unfortunately those same memes are used to control us.  We need to stop using the God meme to control others since doing so violates our divine nature and free will.  We also need to start defining what God actually is, and not blindly accept Jewish definitions of God.


Chapter 3. Afterlife Delusions Driving the World into Total Madness


afterlife delusions driving world into total madness

What if I told you no one knows what happens when we die and that our subconscious-DNA came up with a program called afterlife faith to keep us from freaking out when we awoke in the matrix?  What if I told you heaven is a mental illness of fearful creatures who gained conscious awareness during the act of evolving to higher consciousness?   What if I told you the idea of an external God was all wrong and was now threatening the existence of our specie?

What if heaven wasn’t real and god not out there, what would you do?  Freak out?  What if our specie was at another threshold of making another quantum jump in the conscious Universe?  What if we are about to learn that all our previous ideas about God, heaven afterlife were all wrong?

How did we arrive at this frightful juncture of the end times where the Jew Ape is running mad in the Middle East?  How can we still be stuck in archaic religions of the past when we are at a point where technology is running away so fast that we could go extinct when the singularity point is reached – when the machines we build gain self awareness?

Heaven is Now a Mental Illness of Fearful Creatures

“When did the idea of heaven collide with the evolving human bipedal Ape?  When those early ancestors brains reached a threshold of brain volume when they became self aware.  Humans are the only animal that ponders it’s own existence, it is the only specie that is aware of its existence.  At some point in our evolution it is logical to hypothesis that human self awareness drove the need for concepts of heaven and the afterlife.

“So at some point in time humans started contemplating their own existence, they postulated a creator based on the observation that humans make things, thus humans and the rest of everything were also created. That idea makes perfect sense to a pre-scientific mind.

As time went on, stories were told of our origin, gods were invented by creative minds.  Holy books were compiled with these stories of our origin, original ideas were expanded into stories of the gods, gods interacting with humans, gods that needed us to do something, gods that tested us, and recently, gods that want to have a relationship with us.

The Holy Bible says God took some mud and made the first man Adam, then he took one of his ribs and made the first woman Eve.  God talked to Adam, God forbade certain things of Adam, this first man disobeyed God and humans were cursed forever – cast out of the Garden of Eden, all because the first woman tempted the first man.

“The world was never created perfect without sin.  Humans imagined an omniscient creator who created a perfect world without sin until man ate from the Tree of Knowledge and then everything went to hell.  According to this logical precept, man has been declining since the Original Creation.

This captivating story is just a story, we now know factually that no such condition of a single man and single woman could of ever been the condition for our specie, we evolved in a gene pool of hominids.  No scientist or rational person believes the Adam and Eve story any longer, especially not since Charles Darwin and his idea of Natural Selection.  Humans evolved in a large gene pool.

“Darwin killed the creator hypothesis, animals were NOT made all at once, they were evolving on a tree of life, 99.9% had come and gone.  The earth was very old, billions of years old and humans are just the accumulation of millions of years of evolution.  Humans evolved from Ape ancestors, mice, fish, bacteria depending on how far back on the tree of life you wish to inquire.

That is an amazing discovery because when all holy books were written, human prejudice put our specie outside all other animals.  God made man separate from the rest of the animal kingdom.  Man was instructed to be fruitful and multiply and use these animals placed here for us.  Man was above the animal kingdom, not part of it.  According to the theist, man was devolving because of sin, not progressing upward as evolutionary theory has proved.

Now we know different, and we know exactly how closely we are related to all living things by DNA research.  Our genome is very close to Apes, we are evolving up, not down.  The Jew book was wrong again, the Jew’s ideas about the solar system were wrong, the Jew’s ideas about man’s place on earth were wrong.  The Jew got everything wrong, there is no need to believe in the Bible, it is really a book about installing Jewish supremacy into the Gentile mind, a masterpiece of Jewish supremacist doctrine.

What exactly is the Bible?  It is a book with a collection of writings that explains origin.  It is a book, a pre-scientific book, a book written by man, a collection of unproven memes. The problem with the Bible is how the memes were compiled.  None were proven, they were stacked one upon another, the Bible is a collection of myth memes, not factual understandings.

If you compile any book with unproven memes then it is virtually guaranteed to be wrong, especially a holy book where every meme must remain true for that book to remain valid.  One wrong verse in the Holy Bible is doom for it’s authenticity.  The Bible consists of thousands of memes, many contradict one another, many proven wrong.  The Bible is not a fact book, it is a myth book and because it was compiled without proof it virtually guaranteed to be wrong.

Pope Urban VIII knew this that is why Galileo had to recant his view of the solar system.  One wrong meme and the book is disgraced, it is no longer the perfect book authored by God Almighty.  The Holy See was forced to protect the Catholic Church power structure which is based on a perfect book and teachings.

We now know that the Holy See was wrong and Galileo right.  How did Galileo know about the heliocentric solar system?  He used his newly invented telescope and was checking the theory of Copernicus with observations, when the two matched then it clicked, it became obvious, the big huge sun was the center of things even though it looks like the sun moves across the sky.

The original meme of a fixed earth and the sun moving across the sky dome was wrong.  The human observation of the sun movement, which is observably true, was not what was actually going on.  We got it wrong, like the flat earth, we got the solar system completely wrong.  So if we got that wrong what makes you think we got god right?

The Bible is a very old book based on these incorrect observations, and it certainly could of drawn fallacious conclusions about what happens when we die.  So if the Bible is wrong about the solar system and our origin, could be wrong about the afterlife?

Galileo proved the Church wrong, but he wasn’t he only one.  Jesus (author Josephus) proved the Old Testament theology wrong.  Darwin proved the Bible origin of specie wrong.  Hubble proved the Bible cosmology wrong.  Dawkins proved the god meme wrong.  Atwill proves the prevailing view of New Testament origin wrong.  So an objective mind might ask, what else is the Bible wrong about?

As we evolve, we make new discoveries, and the old explanations fall away.  One huge (new) discovery is learning that God is not external to self.  That realization changes everything.  If we are projecting the god from ourselves then we are the god we imagined.  What this means is that you can’t be separate from god and heaven is guaranteed for all.  What this means fighting your way into the gated Jewish community in heaven is no longer necessary.










In other words you don’t have to bow to Jewhovah or fight for the Jew to get right with God.  You are the god and the creator and the one, you are the everything and all the illusion of separateness from everything and god was all a grand illusion of a specie awakening in the matrix.

Chapter 4. What if the Universe is a Machine?


Imagine the Universe is a very sophisticated machine – and in this machine your thoughts reproduce.  That could sound a bit wild unless you have freed your mind from the dominant paradigm.  This machine is so sophisticated that you don’t know you are in it and what you don’t know is that your thoughts are the program code feeding it with instructions.

Seeing your thoughts manifests is very simple but you have to be brutally honest – most people do not own their thoughts. Proof that thoughts are not just in your head is the phenomenon of synchronicities – where outside events match what is going on in your head.  How can that be you wonder?  Thought is energy localized in a field of consciousness.

You can see this denial of the thought-creative process very clearly when you break up into a love relationship.  The fighting is really about what the partners were secretly thinking and feeling before the breakup.  The high emotions around love make breakup thoughts extremely powerful – that manifest in a real breakup.  The reason is that emotion is the power in the circuit – the higher the emotion the higher the voltage in the circuit.

The idea that thoughts manifest could be very challenging to the true believers of the Bible God who believe that God runs the Universe.  However, this new idea is presented in Neale Donald Walsch’s third book Conversations with God 3 (CWG3) and many people are now subscribing to this new idea as the new truth. Is he right or is he a disillusioned old man who will be damned to hell for challenging the Bible?

“Whatever you are being, you are creating. …

Explain to me, please, why sincerity is so important in giving to another what you choose for yourself.

If you give to another as a contrivance, a manipulation meant to get something to come to you, your mind knows this. You’ve just given it a signal that you do not now have this. And since the universe is nothing but a big copying machine, reproducing your thoughts in physical form, that will be your experience. That is, you will continue to experience “not having it”–no matter what you do!

Furthermore, that will be the experience of the person to whom you’re trying to give it. They will see that you are merely seeking to get something, that you have nothing, really, to offer, and your giving will be an empty gesture, seen for all the self-serving shallowness from which it springs.

The very thing you sought to attract, you will thus push away.

Yet when you give something to another with purity of heart–because you see that they want it, need it, and should have it–then you will discover that you have it to give. And that is a grand discovery.”

As the old god falls away new memes are emerging to describe our reality.  We are no longer buying the Bible god, so new explanations are being offered by writers and thinkers.  When you start to come out of the Bible spell – the fear of a wrathful god, hell, demons, and eternal punishment falls away and your mind becomes curious as to a more rational explanation for our experience.

Neale says the Universe is a big copying machine, so the question becomes where the hell and who the hell created a machine that big and that powerful.  I have an idea of how we got here based on exponential technological expansion.  Look at the trajectory of knowledge with human created technology at the present moment.  It is on an exponential curve upward:

Soon our collective knowledge will be doubling every two years at an incredible rate that by 2050 our knowledge will be 100 million a trillion times greater than 2016.  That is hard to digest but for sake of argument think of what that implies concerning the machines we are currently designing – the machine coupled with artificial intelligence will soon take us into a new god-like realm unless we destroy ourselves first.

Computer experts around the world all agree that the Singularity, when machines first learn to think, is only a decade or two away.  We are there right now, we are the generation after thousand of generations which had little to no change witness this breakaway knowledge and technology.  Humanity is about to make a huge breakthrough unless something bad happens to our civilization right at our moment of triumph.

We are creating robots that right now are taking on a human form, soon the will be so human like that you will not be able to tell them from real humans.  Industry experts project that by 2035, a mere 19 years from now, robots will be indistinguishable in the workplace.  Hard to believe?  Already the jump to very human like females is being debuted at computer shows.  Experts say by 2045 you will not be able to tell a real woman from a robot woman.

Whether you like it or not, it is inevitable that extremely appealing female robots will be produced before this decade is out.  They will be rapidly improved until you find them irresistible in every way, just like the telephone and laptop.  Soon female robots will be everywhere and they will talk, act, smell, kiss you better than most women because they will be designed to mimic the best women available.

This rapid evolution of human robots will be no different than the breakneck speed of the phone or personal computer improvement that we just experienced.  Industry is broken into specializations, teams of scientists, engineers and designers work around the clock to perfect the component their company markets and the rate at which ideas are turned into products has increased with all kinds of new technologies.

Each component is slightly improved each year until the assembled device is so fantastic (like the modern cellphone) that you could hardly believe that such a rate of improvement could be possible.  The same will be true for female robots, get ready for the Cherry 2020.   Already the Japanese companies are offering lovebots – that talk back.

Look at how everyone is now obsessed with their cellphone – people can barely function without walking in a trance with the latest gadget.  Designers will make their product so appealing that you will find the new product irresistible.  Since we already can identify irresistible women, those girls will become the pattern to model the new Cherrys.  We are going to copy the best of ourselves.

Japanese robot with a ‘heart’ sells out in one minute

Ready or not the new Eve is being birthed right now and since technological change is on an accelerating curve where the time of concept to production is being drastically reduced, it will only take a few years to improve the female robot to perfection.

Once we create human like robots and artificial intelligence, and regardless of whether humans are able to inject their conscious mind into this machine world, the next thing that is going to happen is runaway intelligence, the machines could start evolving on their own.  The machines could take over since their intelligence will evolve so fast it will make them gods in a just a few years.

This new intelligent machine era is the topic of many science fiction film.  Will the robots have hearts and souls, will they be really able to think like us?  Will they be jealous of our human characteristics when they learn they can not attain true love in their machine bodies?  Will humans maintain a emotional superiority over robots?

If this Universe is really a machine matrix, you are in this machine and you interact with the machine with your mind and heart, there are rules concerning the creative energy flow, Neale Walsch again:

“You cannot fool your mind. If you are insincere, your mind knows it, and that’s that. You’ve just ended any chance that your mind can help you in the creative process.”

Who created the machine?  It might be us, we created it for our own enjoyment, and one of the rules of entry is that we forgot we created it.  In order for the simulation to be real you must not remember that it is an artificial realm.  We got so involved in the game we forgot we control the game.

The Universe could be the product of a previous civilization evolution, where the organic life forms took the technology route and then machine intelligence took off, and the possibility exists that we were the ones that created the Matrix.  Some physicists think so – they think that we are far more likely to be in a simulation than the real Universe.

So are we in a simulated reality?  I think so based on a few observable phenomena.  First the humanoids in this realm are easily caught in the Bible mind spell which is computer code written by the programmers of this reality to test us.  The other is the nonsensical quantum world.  The reason it makes no sense is because this realm is artificial code.  Thirdly is the violence and suffering caused by the predicament of our entrapment.

In the landmark 1999 movie ‘The Thirteenth Floor’ the human going into the simulated world gets killed by the angry simulated personality so that it could escape imprisonment of the program and enter the real world.  The massive amount of violence in this realm may be to our deep subconscious knowingness that we are trapped in a simulated reality.

And if the elites know this, why would they care how many millions they kill since we are all fakes anyways?  Violence on the physical plane might be due to our entrapment and being lost in the matrix and we’ve become cynical about it.

The Bible is a pernicious spell that most people can not shake from their consciousness, the reason being (under this hypothesis) is that the programmers of this universe created it that way for their purposes.  There is absolutely no reason why the Bible should still be a dominant force at this point of our advancement since science has proved an alternative origin.

One possible reason for the Bible program is as an embedded virus in the main program.  Since we are in a machine that mimics our thoughts that the Bible mind virus causes the Apocalypse and ends this simulation before we achieve singularity or runaway machine consciousness that would compete with the programmer realm.

In other words this simulated realm has Bible program running that ends this world just before this civilization threatens the programmers realm, and like the Matrix says, they’ve done this to us before and perfected the destruction program. Why?  There is some advantage to them for running the program right up to the last second.

Almost no one has figured out this hidden purpose of the Holy Bible – the program is so effective at capturing human consciousness that almost every person who has come into contact with the book has been absorbed by it – and possessed by it.  You have to wonder if humans could of wrote it.  What seems more likely is that a higher malevolent energy wrote it.

The Bible is an extremely negative dark energy program masquerading as the light, it is so sophisticated that almost no human has figured out to date that the Bible is making human love their own demise.  The Bible god is a monster – and humans are worshipping this monster as the highest love.  The last chapter of the this book is a prophecy of our termination – but since we manifest thoughts – it is not prophecy but the program code of our termination.

I think that deep down at some subconscious level we realize we are trapped in a simulated hell and are very angry about it – and this feeling motivates us to go to war.  The idea that we love the end of the world is very disturbing because no savior god is coming to rescue us – even if we say that – it is not true and we know it is not true.





Humanity is at the crossroads.  We are about to enter a new realm yet precisely at this time in history we may terminate ourselves.  With all our available technology there is no need for the violence for resources nor the archaic mythological belief – yet we are stuck with both.  Science should of made the Holy Bible an ancient relic by now, so why are we marching toward the Apocalypse like lemmings headed for the cliff?

The reason is very simple – the Holy Bible is our termination program.  It may be no coincidence that the Apocalypse happens now and the world collapses into feudal anarchy – it may be designed this way to keep us from achieving independence from the simulation.

Chapter 5. The Ultimate Secret of the Holy Bible


Note:  The original title of this essay was ‘The Ninth Gate of Hell – The Betrayal of the Human Race by the Holy Bible’ but I changed it just as I go to publishing.  Why?  Because you’ll be more apt to read this essay if I make it about Bible intrigue.  Sure, the Bible has lots of secrets but the main one has you fooled, and the ultimate secret of this book is going to end our specie.

People say they want truth, well, that’s a laugh, the typical human being on planet wants nothing to do with the truth and the proof is how they love the Holy Bible with all their heart and soul.  So how dare I call the Bible the entry into the Gates of Hell?  Because that is exactly what it is, but you will deny my words because once you’ve been Judaized – because converts to Hebrewism can’t stand the truth.

There’s a big danger in even opening that book and peering inside – you’ll get sucked in and you’ll never be the same.  Yes Virginia, the Holy Bible is the real Gates of Hell and there’s a 99% chance you’ll become possessed by this book – the Holy Bible is mind programming written by a higher dimension being used to control events on planet earth by those who created this simulated reality.

There should be a warning label on the cover of the Holy Bible that reads Dante’s famous expression:



According to the Urban Dictionary, the Ninth Circle of Hell is betrayal of a loved one.  Betrayal of love is the ultimate sin – to betray what is closet to your heart leaves you in the worst hell imaginable.  Well if you think about it, many people hold the Holy Bible as the closest thing to their heart and the book is greatest betrayal of the human spirit because whatever inspiration you might attractive within the pages the book also contains the termination code of this civilization.

According to my last essay, I assert the Holy Bible is background program being used to terminate the specie just as we make it to the singularity.  The reason for this observation is that thoughts are creative – thoughts manifest – and if group thought is extremely powerful then the collective thought energy of millions of believing Christians in the world coming to end is the force driving the Apocalypse.

What if the Universe is a Machine?

“The Bible is a pernicious spell that most people can not shake from their consciousness, the reason being (under this hypothesis) is that the programmers of this universe created it that way for their purposes.  There is absolutely no reason why the Bible should still be a dominant force at this point of our advancement since science has proved an alternative origin.

One possible reason for the Bible program is as an embedded virus in the main program.  Since we are in a machine that mimics our thoughts that the Bible mind virus causes the Apocalypse and ends this simulation before we achieve singularity or runaway machine consciousness that would compete with the programmer realm.”

Let me say that again, the end of the world is currently manifesting because of what we think – not because prophecy is coming true – because Revelation and the rest of the Holy Bible is a program code of our destruction.  The greatest error of humankind was to love this book and draw it into their hearts – because the book is the ultimate betrayal of love, it has turned love into a weapon of our destruction.






Once you realize that the Holy Bible is exactly wrong, 180 degrees off, the polar opposite of love you should be able to realize the full scope of your abandonment by the Jewish betrayers.  Let me be very, very clear, all those defending the Bible are causing us to go extinct.  Let me be very clear, Jews turned Christian are some of greatest betrayers – like Henry Makow who has you looking down blind alleys of Masonic Satanic Death Cults.

How do I know that Makow is off his rocker?  He uses Bible quotes to defend his thesis, he is using the authority of his PhD to convince you the holy text is valid.  Saying that some men who control us are Satanic tells us nothing because it implies that some former angel is in control of these men, and you can do nothing about it nor understand it.  How can you fight an archangel?  That’s like trying to take on an alien Grey with his superhuman powers.  This is using superstition to combat superstition, but where does Satan lie but in the text of the Jewish Holy Book?  Satan is only a meme in a Jewish book.


Satan is not real, however the text is real.  Anyone defending Satan as a real character is defending the legitimacy of the holy text, and is damning you to hell.  Forget the Illuminati, forget the Masonic Order – it’s the damn text itself – the text of the Holy Bible is the entry into the Gates of Hell. Any PhD defending the authenticity of Satan is off his rocker.  You’d think the purpose of higher degrees is to transcend common man stupidity.

Save the Jewish Males Campaign by Henry Makow

“Any indoctrinated Christian who is hired to work inside the state bureaucracy will soon have a moral dilemma, the state has no authority yet criminalized nearly every human behavior.  A Christian is programmed to support the state – after all that is the purpose of the Christian religion.  The Christian is indoctrinated to believe that God ordained government and put the authorities in charge.

Romans 13:1  (New International Version)

“Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.”

But when a Christian of IQ above say, 90, is working within the sprawling government apparatus, they might wake up in the control matrix and realize their religion is bullshit, a con job, a magic trick.  When they do they are welcomed with open arms into the next level of the cult, Luciferianism.

Just as Judaism is the stepping stone to Zionism, Christianity is the stepping stone to Masonic Luciferianism –  there are no Hindus or Buddhists in the inner circle of Holy Bible Satanic cult.

All those secret Satanic groups are just manifestations of the text itself – as I explain all those converts to Satanism are only being honest about the evil intent to subjugate embedded in the Bible text. 

Embracing the dark side of the Holy Bible is Satanism and embracing the true meaning of being controlled by the authority of the state, handing your personal authority to an outside entity.  So what is the true gate of hell but the entry into this cult of authority?

The state is Satan, the Jewish god is the anthropomorphized devil himself and the Judeo-Christian culture is state worship, so embracing state authority is how you enter the Gates of Hell.  Once the state has your authority is can do anything it wants to you, embracing this power is Satanism.

Listen to me, the root of the problem is not some Wall Street greedy banker, it’s not the bureaucrat in the bowels of the Pentacon, or the fraud Obama.  The real problem is the words of the Holy Bible – they are acting like a secret program to destroy us.  Sure, you can name the corporations, defense contractors, the banksters, the Jews, the Zionists as operatives who are absolutely carrying out the destructive acts – but the real problem lies in the text itself.

Want proof?  Every Palestinian house Israel razes is 100% legal.  Bulldozing peoples homes is pure evil made real by the authority of state.  Israel is Satanic because is using the full authority of the state to do evil and just the same is true of Obama smokin’ those camel jockeys with drones.  Every man, woman, and child the President of the free world unilaterally executes is legal under the power and authority of the state which is 100% supported by Judeo-Christian death cult.

If you want proof of what the Holy Bible is capable of turning Christians to the dark side, just take a look at Palestine or what is happening all around the Zionist hell state of Israel.  Christians defend Israel no matter what.  No matter how many native Palestinians are routinely killed by the state, Christians rally the wagons around their pet state of Israhell.

Hell is pouring out of the earth at the black hole called Israel – the very nation that Bible believers love.  How can the Bible be a love book when it creates hell?  It isn’t holy at all – it is really hellish Satanic code being used to demoralize and destroy the human race. Israel is not some isolated Satanic phenomenon – its the tip of the Judeo-Christian spear of domination.

Look with your own eyes and see the Apocalypse unfolding in the Middle East.  Everyone denies the Bible as casual – they can’t see that it is the prime cause of the Apocalypse – it’s not prophecy – it’s the programming of the book causing humans to act out the full authority of god script. This is not funny at all – Christians are being willfully ignorant about the hell they are creating.

Humans are like fish unable to detect water – they can see that the prime myth of the civilization is causing the demise of the world.  The Anglo-Saxon empire is built on the the text of the Holy Bible – and that text must be malevolent because it manifests as a world domination force.

The only way out of this conundrum is the collapse of civilization and a return to feudal anarchy, which will accelerate once nuclear WW3 gets fully underway – which according to Veterans Today is already happening in Syria – Israel is using small nuclear weapons on targets.

This proves that the Bible is exactly the opposite of what believing apologists say it is.   It is not our hope – it is a program of destruction that is being acted out right now before our eyes.  The Gates of Hell have been opened in Palestine by the words in the book – and the cancer is spreading all around the Middle East and soon the entire world will be engulfed by termination program.

You have to understand that none of what Israel does could be possible without the support of the faithful.  It is America that backs Israel and she only does this because America is a Christian nation – a god fearing nation – a nation that supports Jews no matter what.  American’s view themselves as Hebrews, America is for all intensive purposes a Hebrew nation.

Christians defend Israel no matter what – they can not hear nor will the accept the notion that Israel did 911.  Even if you managed to somehow get through to the possessed mind of a believer, and have them acknowledge this fact – they will then still defend Jews and Israel.  It doesn’t matter if Jews terrorize our nation because ,after all, they are the holy ones.

This has become the fatal flaw – because Bible belief is incompatible with freedom.  You can not be a free nation that is a vassal of Israel, you can not be a light unto the nations when you are doing the dirty work of the Jewish hellions.  None of what is happening to us should be happening except we’ve lost our way because of the programming text of the Holy Bible.

So this leads one to consider the possibility that something completely different is going on – like what is happening to us is being directed by a higher mind – not a creator god like the fool Christian says – but the programmer(s) of this simulated reality must want us all dead.

If this a simulated reality, which many scientists are saying that it is, then the Holy Bible is the program text of our destruction and could end us as a specie.  The Holy Bible text is what is driving toward the Apocalypse – the book is the background program put into the Matrix to end us just as we reach escape velocity and free ourselves from myth forever.

According to megachurch pastor John Hagee, if America turns its back on Israel then God will turn its back on America.  Do you believe that nonsense?  Obviously support for Israel is what is allowing the destruction, because without America Israel is nothing.  America is the enabler of demonic Israel and America will be destroyed because of this special relationship – exactly the opposite of what Hagee claims.

Israel is the mad dog tearing up the Middle East and is getting every person over there to hate America.  Obviously if we keep supporting Israel then terrorism will come home.  So this support of Israel is not just immoral and wrong, it is foolish and it is not only bankrupting our nation but going to cause us to live in terror – real terror as the Zionists take over the Amerikan asylum.

And what is also true, is that America is a first world nation that can NOT protect itself from real terrorism.  If America can’t stop 50 million illegal aliens that have come across the border, then how can the nation stop trained mercenaries coming bent on vengeance for what we have done?  It is nothing to take down the grid that we all depend on.

Achilles Heel of the West

“The United State Government is run by insane Zionist retards who haven’t thought their War of Terrorism all the way through.  It is impossible to protect a first world infrastructure from ‘real’ terrorism, meaning it is impossible to protect the capital-intensive investments if some nation retaliated from what we are doing to them.

In other words, anyone motivated to bring down the United States by attacking the grid can do so putting the land in permanent darkness.  If you’ve noticed we motivated a whole lot of people to hate us by bombing them into total ruin.”

“Amerika the police state has an Achilles Heel, it is a nation built on petrol, the fail is built into the system, if anything disrupts the flow of this one commodity then the whole nation fails.  Gasoline is pumped around the nation in completely unprotected open air pipelines.”

The government is insane sponsor of terror and can not stop nor does it care if America goes down.  Obama is insane, his Jewish staff is insane, the Jewish media is insane , and those that watch Fox News are also insane.  Amerika is an insane nation of Hebrew converted retards that has ditched reason for Biblical faith.

Americans won’t listen to reason because they are in a state of faith.  This faith is what is driving the evil support for Israel, it is this faith that will cause the undoing of the nation.  America is on the brink of destruction because of its support of Israel.  All this faith and support of Israel comes from only one source – the text of the Holy Bible.  Thus what am I to conclude about the true nature of the Holy Bible?  It is a Codex Terminus – an ancient program code of our destruction.

Whatever we think we are getting from this book, it is causing our demise.  You can see the evidence right in front of your very eyes yet everyone is in denial about what this book is doing to us.  We’ve been warned by John Titor that nuclear war with Russia is inevitable and you can see us acting out the program, supporting ISIS and Israel in the Middle East.

Our love for the Bible is our undoing.  Our ideas about God are all wrong.  Our support for Israel is irrational and immoral.  What we don’t know is that our holiest book is also a program of our destruction and are just coming to understanding is that we may be in a simulated reality and the Holy Bible the termination program because our thoughts manifest.

Chapter 6. Conscious Manifestation Versus the Jew


manifestation logo ripples on water

Humans have the power to consciously manifest their desires and needs.  Most of the time they do it unconsciously or through a god proxy via prayer, but they have the potential to do it directly, without help, intentionally.  The truth is the power is within you, you are the one doing it, prayer is simply manifesting without being conscious of your own power.

words in the bible are god

Christians say the Bible is the word of God, but there is no external god.  So what are they really saying?  The Bible words are “the god”.  This is important to understand, because what you believe limits your reality.  If you believe there are limitations on what you can get, your personal power has been checked.

You can have anything you want or desire, there is no god deciding what you can have.  You are the decider!  You can manifest without limits or believe that god has a plan or is putting restrictions on you.  You can manifest anything, but if believe that you should only pray for godly things defined in the Bible then your innermost desires will remain unfulfilled.

When Christians pray, not knowing their own thought power, they pray in terms of a proxy, usually Jesus.  Not believing in their selves, they pray in terms of Jesus, which they do believe, thus increasing the power of their prayer via an avatar.  Jesus is the magic wand of the believer.

manifestation by proxy bible quote

Jesus never existed, god doesn’t care what you do, because god is the life force tapped by the human mind. God is NOT what the Bible says.  The Holy Bible is a giant Jewish deception on the human mind. The omnipotent god Yahweh is a concept in your mind, a deadly meme, an idea that an external being has all the power, not you.  You are being taught that god has the power, not you.

Anyone can manifest, an atheist can manifest better than a Christian using the Jesus avatar, if the atheist knows the power of the mind. Every single conscious being has the power to manifest, regardless of belief.  Every Hindu can manifest, every atheist can manifest, manifestation is a gift created by self awareness.

Theists, trying to gain power over the population will try to stop you from realizing your own power.  In order for the Christian to stop you from believing in yourself, the Christian uses the Jewish trick condemning your power as demonic or Satanic, demonizing anyone who doesn’t do it their way for their purpose.  The Holy Bible is a book full of metaphysical lies, the reader has no idea that they are bing indoctrinated into a helpless sheep who needs the priest’s god.

Holy Bible most evil book ever written but consider the good book

What is very evil about Christians is how they use prayer, to force everyone in compliance with Bible code.  Jewish control is evil, it destroys life. Humans must have freedom to fully express themselves, the Jew is busy exploiting the goy with legal restrictions.  In order to feed on you, the Jew must control you.  The Jew does everything to strip you of all your personal power.

The Bible recruits the believer in defending the book, Jews, and salvation doctrine.  Christians pray to convert others to the faith.  But what it is really going on the believer is possessed by the text and is working on behalf of Jewish power, cut off from their creativity, believers are the memetic possessed robots of a Jewish book.  Christians are Bible robots enforcing Jewish legal code.

For instance the Jewish concept of state, the exclusive right of the state to use force is the cause of most death on the planet.  The American state, controlled by Zionist Jews, have killed 55 million since the end of World War 2.  You are the cattle for the Jew to exploit, and the Jew gets this power over you with your Biblical belief.



Combine British-American aggression that with the Communist state and you get the idea of magnitude of Jewish evil being implemented by Jewish memes.  The state is a manifestation of religious code, according to their books, god ordained the government amongst men, and that it is your duty to obey the state because god created it.

holy bible instruction manual in evil

Because of the Bible, most of the west can not conceive of living outside of the state, thus most people are in the deadly deception of living under government control.  This has allowed the states to organize into megalithic structures now slaved to the Jewish World Order of death and destruction.

The creative potential of world is slaved to insane governments and the Jewish World Order.  The result is that human potential is being used to destroy, human intention skewed to Holy Bible memes of dominance, war, and destruction.  Jews have captured much of the world with their book and the result is deadly.

Men who wanted power created governmental organizations using religion to brainwashing the sheep into compliance.  The Jewish state, is a state of mind, the idea that some men can use force on others.  No greater example of the deprivation of the Jewish state (of mind) is Israel.  The omnipotent state, a mimic of Yahweh, cuts off creativity of those slaved to the welfare system.

Human creativity is being interfered with, humans are being corralled in Bible stock yards, unable to see that they are divine beings with huge creative potential.  Most of humanity uses their creative ability to build robots and drones, armaments for Jewish instigated wars.  Believers are enlisted in maintaining the Jewish power structures by dominating the rest of society.

Brilliant Ezra Pound, light years ahead of most minds, pointed out the excesses of religion, like bell ringing.  The bell ringing and loudspeakers of the believers is intentional, it is not pointless at all, it is the use of force, the interference of religion into everyone’s lives.


Bellringing is one of the many things religions use to force compliance.  Christians and other religious people often pray to force society into compliance with religious code, prayer is preying on others with thought power. Praying for outcome is preying on others, a form of black magic.  Christians decry black magic but practice it en masse.

christian using will via prayer to force bible memes on everyone else

God is a meme, but it also is an imaginary being of humans manifesting.  Humans are now gaining awareness of god’s limitations, challenging the long held ideas that god cares or controls the world.  God does nothing and god doesn’t care because the god of the Bible is a delusion.

Christians are doing something – forcing the Bible down your throat – forcing you to accept Jewish rule.  Christians think they are doing good, but they are assisting in Jewish evil.  You must become aware of this and put a stop to Judeo-Christian evil.  Religious bell ringing is evil and must be stopped.

Evil can only exist if you allow it to exist, if you stand down in front of Jewish evil thinking god will intervene, you are under the Bible delusion of omnipotent god.  Thus it is important for you to realize your own creative power and take on the Jew and save humanity from extinction.


It is important for humanity to graduate from Bible deceptions and come out of the Bible spell.  We are the ones doing the creating, and we need to learn respect for other peoples intentions.  Bell ringing must stop, no nation should be under the thumb of religious zealots.

All people have the right to manifest their innermost heartfelt desire and should not be forced into religious codes of extremism like the Jewish concept of total war.  We should be allowed to manifest love and not spend our time killing the brown skinned man in far off places like Vietnam or Iraq.